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Kolongi Brathwaite A message from the artist:


I hope you're enjoying my new official site and shop.

As a self-taught artist, hailing from the beautiful island of Barbados, the love of painting has always been with me. The inspiration and driving force behind each stroke of the brush comes from our culture, political feats, spiritual wellness, and the surrounding social issues in our communities. It has always brought me great joy and peace in capturing the black experience on the canvas using oil paint.

I am honored to be commended by my peers, celebrities, and other profound artists such as Oprah Winfrey and Sean Combs. Also my artwork appeared in various international magazines such as Essence, Vibe, and several galleries. Some of my most popular works includes: Remember the Times, Hip Hop Culture, Freedom Riders, and Cradle of Love and Women of Ancestors.

Stay tuned for new artwork to come soon!

If you have any inquires such as wholesale pricing or inquires about customized artwork and portraits please feel free to send me an email below.

One Love, Kolongi